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Gaël's story on video

Gaël started magic in 2000 at the age of 12.


After long years of learning, in 2006, he appeared at the French Magic Championships where he won a 3rd place in the handling category.


Gaël then went on to contests and awards around the world by representing France at the European Magic Championships in England in 2011.


Then, Gaël became a professional magician and at the age of 22 began a career with his first television appearances. Business committees, Christmas trees, Gaël successfully responds to all requests.


Now, Gaël and his team, it is now 7 people, a local of 600m2, 8 tons and two trucks of material for more than a hundred shows per year everywhere in France and abroad. Gaël is one of the biggest magic shows in Europe.


He is now present in the most prestigious magic festivals, but also on television, and large companies call on his expertise in the field of major shows.

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